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The Sweep and Clear. Cleaning Up The Break Up:
Get those old reminders and put them away. It will help you more than you think!

It is hard enough to keep your head on straight during a break up or divorce without having their "stuff" around. You know what I am talking about. Those picture frames, the email folder on your computer, the cards, letters and the little trinkets. All of these little mementos that represented your relationship cloud your thinking.

Whether you are over this break up or not. Whether it was your idea or not, you need to get these items out of site. Get a box, a big box and start collecting. You don't need these constant reminders of the past. It will be easier for you to get through this time without them. I am not saying whether you should throw all of this stuff away forever, only you can decide that. What I am saying is it ALL needs to be gone and out of site until you get through this particular time in your life.

So, gather all the pictures and put them in the box. If they are in frames that you bought put new pictures in them. If they are in a frame they bought box them up. Print all the emails you have from them and put them in an envelope inside the box. Now delete those email. There is no need to have a folder right there on the email you check every day to remind you of them. If you have pictures on your computer that reminds you of them put them on a removable disk or delete them. Find all the holiday cards and notes and box them up. Getting the hang of it? Everything that reminds you of them gets boxed.

Ok, now that you have all those things boxed up you need to tape it up really well and put it in either the back of your closet or in storage. This ensures that you can go throughout your day without the added stress and sadness brought on by constant reminders of what was in the past. Further, if the other person sees that you have boxed everything up and are moving on with your life, you have a better chance of getting them back if that is what you really want. It seems odd but it is true. It is human nature to want what we can't have. The thought of you moving on will do more to get an ex back than anything else.

So, when the break up happens, start the sweep and clear. Whether you want to move on with your life or desire another chance, it is the first thing you should do.


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Esteban Torres
December 9th 2008 is website dedicated to helping couples stay together so they can live happy and loving lives.


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