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The Break Up Vacation:
Recent break up got you down? Then get out of town!

Break ups can be difficult and sometimes the best way to start getting over the whole situation is get over of town…literally. Most of the time, and especially if you live together or frequent the same stores, restaurants, bars or clubs the time immediately following a break up can be extra difficult. A trip out of town can be a great idea for a number of different reasons.

First of all, it will clear your mind if you leave the location of your everyday day life. This is not to say that you should pick up and move away permanently the day after a break up, but a little time away is refreshing. In the first stages of a break up it is easy for be affected by the sight of places you used to hang out or the spot where you first kissed etc.

Secondly, if you are like most couples you two have some mutual friends. Mutual friends are great messengers of the news that you are doing just fine and are successfully moving on with your life without them. This is one of the psychological triggers that will actually cause them to want you back by the way! Them hearing that you are heading off to a fun, exotic or interesting trip will totally work in your favor.

Thirdly, it can be a wonderful time to meet new people. The great thing in talking to other people about you being newly single is that it opens the door to conversations about whether or not they are single and/or interested in getting to know you better. Bringing a wing man with you on this trip can help this strategy even more!

Make sure to take some pictures of all the fun you are having now that you are single and post them on Facebook, Myspace or your own personal blog. Take advantage of this newly single life of yours. Get out of town and blow off some steam. Meet some new friends and have a good time. Your ex will probably hear about it or see your pictures online and will be contacting you in no time to "see how you have been doing."


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Esteban Torres
December 10th 2008 is website dedicated to helping couples stay together so they can live happy and loving lives.


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