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Get Him Back Simply
A recent breakup got you down?

Get Him Back, A simple Approach:

Has a recent breakup with a guy caused your world to tumble? Do the thoughts of him away from you cause you heartache and pain? You are not alone. Even though it feels like you are the only one in the world going through this you aren't. Further, I am here to tell you that it will get better.

Breakups feel horrible that is for sure….But they do happen all the time. And because they happen all the time there is a chance to study them and find out what works to stop breakups and bring those loved ones back together. I want to share with you a simple plan that will give you an edge in getting your ex man back. This isn't as involved or perfect as some of the paid "get your ex back" systems, but I have found success with it in the past.

Step one is to understand the situation. You are broken up right now. The sooner you accept that the sooner we can work towards getting him back. Don't try to smother him, call him non-stop, or email him endlessly asking for a second chance. If this plan goes well you will have him asking you for a second chance!

So, the second step is to let him know in some casual way that you are ok with the breakup and you are moving on. This is the hard part because for an amount of about two weeks you won't be speaking to them.

Step three is to get a fresh look. Whether it is a hair style change or a fresh looking wardrobe, change something that makes you look different and desirable. After this period of time has passed, you need to put yourself in a position to run into them. You might have to be creative about this so it doesn't look forced.

When you do run into him stay calm and be a bit mysterious. If he asks you how you are, you are doing great. If he asks what you have been up to, you have been up to a lot of things. This is when he will say that he will call you sometime, or you two should have a cup of coffee. It is important to not jump into this. You need to remain mysterious to him, just like you were when you first started dating. Tell him you are not sure because you have a lot to do the next couple of weeks but you will call him when there is time. This completely switches the situation around. He will now be sitting around thinking of you and when you will call. Be very disciplined about this. Don't text him with how nice it was to see him….I am serious here. If he thinks he can have you whenever he wants your plan is ruined.

Step four is to wait your two more weeks then hook up with him for coffee or something light. You will have to be strong and play hard to get. I can't stress to you enough how important this is. It will go against what your heart is telling you to do. Play hard to get for a while and he will be the one asking for you two to get back together.

Good Luck!


Esteban Torres
January 29th 2009


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