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Eating Right During A Break Up:
Why a healthy diet is so important during times of extreme stress.

Eating right can be an all too important yet overlooked topic when it comes to recent breakups or divorce. Breaking up can be a huge shock to your body. Most often you just don't feel like yourself for a while. Emotions tend to have sizeable affect on a person's eating habits.

Changes in people's eating habits after break up or divorce tend to be manifested in many different ways. Some people completely loose their appetite, while other people feel the need to indulge endlessly. Some crave only sweets while other people crave salty foods.

The key during this is to understand what is going on with your mind and body. You don't need to understand AND fix what is going on because sometimes that just isn't possible during those tough times. But, simply understanding what your mind and body is going through will help you make the eating decisions that are best for your well being.

If you are eating too much, understand why it is happening. If you are not hungry at all, understand that your body is under stress and why it is happening. Once you understand why this is happening it will be easier for you to make better eating choices tonight, tomorrow, the next day, etc.

Let's face it, eating on one end of the spectrum or the other for a few days won't have too much long term affect, but past that you need to dig deeper into why it is happening. The most important things of all to remember is that optimal nutrition is very important during times of extreme stress. So, if you are going through a breakup or divorce, treat your body right. Take care of yourself by eating right, especially when times are tough. is website dedicated to helping couples stay together so they can live happy and loving lives.

Esteban Torres
December 4th 2008

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