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Dream Time: After a Break Up Chase Your Dreams.
Use the time following a break up or divorce to chase your dreams.

Relationships can be fun, fulfilling, and amazing. But, they can also threaten your chance at living life to the fullest and finding and chasing your dreams. People tend to put so many things on hold when they are in a serious relationship. This isn't always a bad thing, in fact a lot of times it is quite a noble thing to do depending on the situation. The fact is though, there is no better time to find and chase your dreams then right after a break up. A cooling off period is good whether you plan to get back together with your ex or not. So think about what your dreams are and write them down on paper.

For starters it is a great distraction from the break up. Break ups take their toll on you mind, body and soul. Rather then drowning in sorrow, a bottle of alcohol, or a stack of chick flicks, why not do something great for yourself? Down the road, long after the heartache is gone, you will probably look back and thank yourself ten times over that you took a chance on those dreams you had put on hold for so long.

Let's face it there isn't a better time to do this, and if you are like I was I had just freed up a ton of time. I spent hours and hours every day doing what she wanted to do. Well now it is your turn to grab the bull by the horns and find your dreams. For me it was a safari, and it was as much fun as I had dreamed! I have the pictures to prove it.

Don't let a break up or divorce spoil your life. It is a hard time and nobody will deny that. Spend your newfound time and freedom chasing your dreams. Whether you want to learn to play the guitar, perfect those dance moves, travel overseas or go back to school, just do it! You will be glad you did and it will help you get through the tough time of that break up.


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Esteban Torres
December 11th 2008 is website dedicated to helping couples stay together so they can live happy and loving lives.


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