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Armed Robbery Date
Yes, I said Armed Robbery.

Armed Robbery Date:

Is there really something about dating that can be learned from the horror of being involved in an armed robbery? Actually yes there is!

One of the most important aspects of dating seems to always be overlooked. This is extremely important on first dates or dates as you look to get back together with your ex. What is it you ask? Well, it is quite simple actually….dates need to be emotionally charged.


This doesn't mean just dinner, and it certainly doesn't mean dinner and a movie. These dates are just plain boring. Dinner and a movie doesn't create any bonding or in the case of getting an ex back…re-bonding experiences.

In fact what you really want to do is pack in a bunch of smaller mini dates that are emotionally charged over the course of a couple months. These mini dates as I call them should last a couple hours. It is just enough time to share some emotionally charged experiences and not enough time to drag on.

You see when you go to a dinner and movie date you lose out on the opportunity to create a sociological principal that can really help you. This principal is that emotionally charged experiences create real emotional bonds. Yep, it is true and it has been proven a million times.

Think about it this way if you will….

The Last time you went to the grocery store, do you remember the person in line in front of you? How about behind you? You might not remember the cashier or anyone that was there during what is really a plain everyday experience.

BUT, what if while you were at the grocery store the place was robbed at gunpoint by a couple heavily armed gunmen? Let's say the grocery just made their deposits and had little cash on hand, and the robbers are extremely mad and threatening to shoot people.

You are scared really bad……

"Where are the robbers?"

"Are they behind me?"

"Are they watching us?"

So you slowly look around and see a nice old lady lying right next where you are.

She looks a little like Grandmother, and as you snap out of your own frightened state enough to realize that she is even more terrified than you are. She is quietly sobbing...

You slowly reach out and grab her hand in yours and give her a tiny squeeze that says..."it's gonna be all right dear."

OK, now do you think you will ever forget that sweet old lady? And, do you think that she will ever forget about you? Not a chance! You see that emotionally charged event will cause you two to have a bond forever. Now don't go rob a grocery store to get your ex back, but Do make that date an emotionally charged one!

Do something fun and exciting……you won't regret it!

Good Luck,

Esteban Torres
January 28th 2009

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